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Village of Great Neck Plaza
2 Gussack Plaza
P.O. Box 440
Great Neck, NY 11022-0440
Phone: 516-482-4500
Fax: 516-482-3503

Justice Court


Neil R. Finkston
Village Justice

Richard Kestenbaum
Associate Village Justice

Ernest R. Jones
Village Prosecutor

Debra Moger
Chief Court Clerk

The Village Justice Court has one Elected Village Justice and one Associate Village Justice. Our Justice Court handles traffic, parking and Village ordinance violations.

Court is normally in session on Tuesdays evenings unless otherwise specified. Trials are typically held on the third Tuesday of every month and you will be notified by mail if you are directed to appear for a trial. The Court doors open at 6:00 p.m. for signing in and Court begins at 6:30 p.m. The Judge will call the calendar in the order that you sign in. For your convenience, the Court schedule is listed below.


January February March
4 (Cancelled) 8 (Arraignments & Conf.) 1 (Arraignments)
11 (Cancelled) 15 (Trials) (Cancelled) 8 (Arraignments & Conf.)
25 (Cancelled) 22 (Arraignments)

22 (Trials)

April May June
5 (Arraignments) 3 (Arraignments.) 7 (Arraignments)
12 (Arraignments & Conf.) 10 (Arraignments & Conf.) 14 (Arraignments & Conf.)
19 (Trials) 17 (Trials) 23 (Trials) THURSDAY
July August September
5 (Arraignments) 2 (Arraignments) 6 (Arraignments)
12 (Arraignments & Conf.) 9 (Arraignments & Conf.) 13 (Arraignments & Conf.)
19 (Trials) 16 (Trials) 20 (Trials)
  23 (Arraignments)  
October November December
11 (Arraignments. & Conf.) 1 (Arraignments) 6 (Arraignments.)
18 (Trials) 15 (Trials) 13 (Arraignments & Conf.)
25 (Arraignments) 22 (Arraignments & Conf.) 20 (Trials)

Instructions for Parking Violations:

All fines are payable in person, by mail or online (click here). Payments must be made to the Village of Great Neck Plaza-Justice Court, 2 Gussack Plaza, Great Neck , NY 11021, on or before the return date of the summons. If you would like to pay in person, please come to the Court office located within the Village Hall, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Payments can also be made on any court night. We accept cash, personal check, money order, certified check and Visa or Mastercard (there is a 2.99% fee to use a debit/credit card; neither the Village nor the Village of Great Neck Plaza Court receives any part of this fee).

Late penalties for fines $50 or less will accrue if the fine is not paid or a plea is not entered, on or before the summons return date as follows: $5 the first 30-day period, $10 the second 30-day period, $20 for each subsequent 30-day period with a maximum of $95 in penalities. If the fine is greater than $50, the penalities will accrue as follows: $10 the first 30-day period, $20 the second 30-day period, $40 each subsequent 30-day period with a maximum of $190 in late penalties.

If you wish to enter a plea of not guilty on any parking violation, you must appear in court on the return date indicated on your summons.

Fine Schedule for Parking Violations
Parking Handicapped Without Permit
$ 250.00
Double Parking/Blocking Intersection
$ 125.00
Commercial Vehicle Parked Overnight
$ 125.00
Parking Near Fire Hydrant
$ 125.00
Parking in Traffic Lane
$ 100.00
Unattended Motor Vehicle
$ 100.00
Abandoned Motor Vehicle
$ 250.00
Parking in Fire Zone/Fire Lane
$ 100.00
Parking in Front of Driveway/Crosswalk
$ 75.00
Registration/Inspection Expired Over 60 Days
$ 75.00
Inspection Expired Less Than 60 Days
$ 50.00
Parking in Bus Stop/Parking on Sidewalk
$ 50.00
Parking in Loading Zone/Police-Only Zone
$ 50.00
No Stopping or Standing Here to Corner/Zone
$ 50.00
Parking, Standing or Stopping on Snow-Removal Street
$ 50.00
No Plate/Obstructed Plate
$ 50.00
Restricted Parking in Lot/Closed Street
$ 40.00
Overtime Parking at Meter
$ 40.00
Parking Out of Space/Left Side to Curb/Backed in Space
$ 30.00
Overtime Parking on Street
$ 30.00
Expired Meter
$ 20.00
No Parking 3AM-7AM; 6/7PM (Tues.) - 6/7 PM (Wed.)
$ 20.00
No Parking 8AM-9AM; 9AM-10AM; 10AM-11AM
$ 20.00
All Other Parking and Standing Violations
$ 25.00


Instructions for Moving Violations:

You may plead guilty by mail to all traffic infractions. To do so, check the fine schedule for the violation you are charged with to determine the amount of your fine and NYS surcharge. Mail the following items to Village of Great Neck Plaza-Justice Court, 2 Gussack Plaza, Great Neck, NY 11021.

  • Your check or money order made payable to Village of Great Neck Plaza-Justice Court
  • Your traffic ticket with Part "A" completed and signed on the reverse side of the ticket.

You may plead not guilty by mail to all traffic infractions. To enter a plea of not guilty by mail, complete and sign Part "B" on the reverse side of the traffic ticket and mail it to Village Justice Court - Village of Great Neck Plaza, 2 Gussack Plaza, Great Neck, NY 11021. Upon receipt, the Court will notify you by mail of the date, time and place of your conference and/or trial at which you must personally appear.

You may personally appear in Court and plead either guilty or not guilty. If you decide to appear personally, you must do so on the return date at the time specified on the front of the ticket. If you are pleading not guilty, your case will not be heard that night. You have the right when appearing personally and pleading guilty to make an explanation before the Judge.

You have the right to consult with an attorney.

Fine Schedule for Moving Violations - First Offenses:
The fines schedule includes the mandatory surcharge
imposed by New York State law.

1-10 MPH over speed limit
$ 223.00
11-20 MPH over speed limit
$ 293.00
21-30 MPH over speed limit
$ 393.00
31-40 MPH over speed limit
$ 493.00
40+MPH over speed limit you must appear in Court
Uninsured Vehicle $ 593.00
Passed Stopped School Bus $ 418.00
Passed Red Light $ 293.00
Unlicensed Operator $ 293.00
Cell Phone/Electronic Portable Device $ 243.00
Passed Stop Sign $ 213.00
Following too Close $ 213.00
Failed to Yield to Pedestrian/Vehicle $ 213.00
Blocking Intersection $ 213.00
Illegal Turn $ 213.00
Failed to Obey Traffic Control Device $ 213.00
Failure to Signal $ 213.00
Child-No Seatbelt $ 193.00
Registration/Inspection Expired Under 60 Days $ 143.00
Registration/Inspection Expired Over 60 Days $ 168.00
No Plates $ 168.00
Driver-No Seatbelt $ 143.00
All Equipment Violations (VTL 375) $ 143.00

Where a different fine is mandated by a provision of law, the fine schedule shall have no application. The Court has the right to reject any guilty plea by mail and reserves the right to order you to appear personally and to levy a different fine than that set forth above. If the fine is not listed above for the violation you are charged with please contact the Court.